We at ZARABINA are the contacts for all men and women who would like to work in Luxembourg. The labour market is constantly changing, and so are the required qualifications. Employability is no longer merely a matter of expert knowledge but in large measure of the ability to bring skills from all areas of life to bear on the job.

What sets us apart is that we appreciate people with all their personal resources and experience. Together with our clients, we work on their skills and aptitudes. We take sufficient time to prepare them so that they can get a foothold on the labour market and we support and advise them along the way.

ZARABINA asbl was founded in 1995.  Its core objective is to pursue realistic and forward looking projects, for which it rapidly developed cooperation with the trade unions, the municipalities and the ADEM.

The innovative seminars and offers have been promoted more intensely from the outset and the association was able to enhance its performance capacity and field of activity accordingly with the support of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Community-based Economy and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

ZARABINA performs socially valuable tasks with its highly qualified staff.

Everyone has potential! We help to unlock it.