Accidents and diseases occur when unexpected and can have comprehensive effects. A secure job and career that have been carefully planned, are all of a sudden compromised or unattainable.

The GesoL individual counselling is geared to:

  • People in re-employment with the status of worker with disability or people who have applied for such status,
  • People who are chronically ill and have to be reoriented in their working life,
  • People who are trying to get back into the labour market after a long illness and rehabilitation
  • People who can no longer perform the job they learnt because of physical restrictions, and
  • People who wish and must strike a (new) balance between their health and their job.

The purpose of the GesoL counselling is to familiarize those concerned with an attitude geared to health and resources. We support you in this process to reconsider your personal take on health /illness and to deal with your occupational prospects in a positive way. We develop new ideas with you and impart the requisite know-how for a possible new occupational start.

The purpose of our counselling is to get you to understand your current occupational and health situation better so as to be able to move forward on that basis. You become aware of everything you can do, where your strengths lie, but also what your limits are. We draft with you an up-to-date competence profile within the meaning of CH-Q and bring it into line with occupational options. We prepare an occupational profile and give you all important information on further training, job profiles, the labour market and other relevant issues along the way.

We advise and support you on the way (back) to the labour market.