“45plus” is a five-week orientation seminar from Zarabina for jobseekers of both sexes over 45 from all occupations.

Zarabina has been endeavouring for fair chances in work and training since 1995 and uses “45plus” to find a job for people who are having difficulties doing so because of their age. Older employees are often faced with prejudice to the effect that they are less flexible, less efficient, less resilient than their younger colleagues.

Unfortunately, these clichés are often internalized by the older unemployed workers themselves.  This is precisely where the “45plus” comes into play.  In this course, the participants not only hone their computer and language skills, but they also receive support to draw on their situation as a concrete chance for further development. A view of long-term suitable experiences, skills and strengths makes it clear that the realistic options for the creation of the common occupational section are more diversified than previously assumed.


The project is supported by the Ministry of Labour and by the Ministry of Education.  Participation is free of charge.

If you would like to plan your upcoming career with us, please contact your ADEM advisor.