Present yourself – with profile!

You know that you are capable of doing something.

You have gained a lot of experience, possibly in different companies.

You would like to or need to develop yourself further, and maybe take next career step.

However, you cannot clearly answer the question about your specific competencies. And you are unsure which positions you should actually apply for.

  • Then it is probably time to take an inventory of your skills.
  • Time to set up your current competence profile.

Our offer: scientifically based and practice-oriented

KODE stands for competence diagnostics and development.

Here is how you can take advantage of the offer:​

  1. After the first personal meeting, you will receive an e-mail with the access link, fill out the self-assessment online
  2. The results will be discussed in detail during a personal meeting,  so that they can be useful for your next career steps
  3. We provide you with the results in the form of a detailed report and upon request, a concrete action plan.

In addition to the diagnosis of person-specific competence potentials, you will receive differentiated suggestions for self-organized competence development.