Competence Management

We have been using a competence management system based on the standards of the CH-Q company in all our services since 2002.

It is moreover an essential component for the selection of our staff as well as our personal development.

As a qualification institution, we therefore pursue the approach to filter out the personal resources of our clients so that we can advise them on realistic prospects.

We develop their strengths and employability from a plethora of personal experience from professional and non-professional life, on which we reflect together with our clients. These informal skills supplement the formal ones, which can be attested by school or work certificates.  

Making acquired informal skills visible is a major issue precisely at the European level and the aggravating labour market situation. 

We at Zarabina can look back on experience of long standing on this front and see that we are best equipped for the future to provide even more support for the participants in our offers on the basis of our quality system. We support them to look specifically for the knowledge they need in order to acquire the ability and desire to offer higher flexibility or to think differently.

The most important thing for us is for jobseekers to be given valuable care and become capable of building on their own skills and capabilities.