The further training for Office-Assistentin is geared to job seeking women with a certain previous experience in secretarial work.

Training priorities include office communication (secretarial applications with Word and Power Point, spread sheets and databases with Excel and Access, layout and professional formatting, scheduling and task management with Outlook), secretariat and assistance activities (office organization, languages, business correspondence in French, German and English, communication training), and business management (operational functions and processes, financial management and accounting, marketing, general bookkeeping I and II, computerized accounting).

The contents of the courses are based on concrete requirements in practice. But the training does not stop with imparting special knowledge and skills.

As important a component consists of analysing the strengths, motivations and potential for development of the participants. The constituent elements of a skills, career check, and professional profile and personal presence, career planning and application training in particular enable the participants to focus on targeted job seeking.

Another essential component is the five-week practical training, which enables the participants to test the skills acquired and to gain further experience.

Another plus point is that the graduates can, if they wish, receive advice and guidance from Zarabina staff after they have finished their training.

The measure is supported by the ministry of labour, employment and social and community-based economy as well as the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. The graduation certificate is recognized by the state.


The further training is provided once a year. It begins in mid-January each time, and ends in mid-October, and comprises 28 hours a week. After a selection procedure, an initiation week is held for the participants each time in November / December.