Current seminars in progress

The training "Office-Assistentin" will take place from January 8th to October 11th 2024.
Our further training “Office-Assistentin” is directed to job-seeking women (those returning to work or currently unemployed) who want to work in the field of administration, assistance or accounting. The 10-months further training course comprises 28 hours per week in Esch/Alzette.



The "Guide du Jobmatching" [Job Matching Guide] is a practical guide into how the advice and integration of people with disabilities can be built up and provides a “best of” questions and answers from our counselling experience.

You can download it in a PDF version (French or German) or print it here:

Guide du Jobmatching (German)
Guide du Jobmatching (French)




Preliminary announcement of the seminar Tremplin - helps you in your future professional and career planning

In the evolving world of employment, change is the only thing that will not change. Anyone, woman and man, may (re-)find themselves confronted with developing new employment and/or training opportunities. [more]