Current seminars in progress

"Office-Assistentin" will take place from January 10 to October 14, 2022.
Our further « Office-Assistentin’s » training is directed at job-seeking women (those returning to work or currently unemployed) who want to work in the fields of secretariat, manager assistance or accounting. 

Course: "Tremplin" in French will take place from 08 August 2022 to 02 September 2022.
We support everyone to review their own experiences, assess their skills and strengths with the help of the competence management of the CH-Q Swiss Qualification Programme. In order to achieve their professional objective, we support everyone to think about their next steps.


The "Guide du Jobmatching" [Job Matching Guide] is a practical guide into how the advice and integration of people with disabilities can be built up and provides a “best of” questions and answers from our counselling experience.

You can download it in a PDF version (French or German) or print it here:

Guide du Jobmatching (German)
Guide du Jobmatching (French)




Preliminary announcement of the seminar Work Integration Luxembourg

The labour market in Luxembourg is often a new world for people with a refugee status. In addition to unknown occupational fields and job profiles, working conditions and values in companies also differ from previous experiences. [more]


Preliminary announcement of the training "Office-Assistentin"

The next further training "Office-Assistentin" will take place from January 9th to October 13th 2023