Aneko stands for “improved chances for success on the labour market through the recognition of existing qualifications and skills.”

You would like to know where your current PC skills stand? Is an up-to-date and meaningful proof of your Office/IT skills missing from your application dossier, because you have not acquired your knowledge in vocational training structures?  Then Aneko is just right for you.

Aneko validates your skills in Windows, word processing, spreadsheets, IT basic, e-mail and the Internet. The tests illustrate complex occupational capacities and not the knowledge of corresponding technical terms. This is particularly suited for people who have acquired their skills primarily outside courses and training schemes, e.g. at the workplace, during their leisure time, through colleagues and friends.

Aneko is a three-step process. After a ca. 45-minute interview, the test person completes a questionnaire in a second step.  The focus of the Aneko process lies in the final processing of a practical exercise. The results are analysed together with the Aneko expert in a feedback interview. An authoritative certificate with a detailed skills profile as well as a recommendation for customized further qualification round off the Aneko test.

Those interested in an Aneko test, can make an appointment at Zarabina at all times. Like all other Zarabina offers, Aneko is free of charge.