Grundtvig - Lifelong Learning Programme / Learning Partnerships

Project title:
CH-Q - System - From valuation to validation of Competencies

Project objectives and strategy:
The main objective of the project was to explore the situation of national qualification frameworks and related legislation. In this context to find ways how to make the systematics and methodology developed by CH-Q System beneficiaries fit to the already existing system or what changes or adaptations would be needed.
The project partners met different stakeholders in different countries to compare the situation and through discussions they tried to find possible ways of recognitions of CH-Q System outputs.
The main work  focused on these discussions with stakeholders in each country and on identifying examples of good practice in the links between valuation and recognition/validation that would be transferable.
At the same time we used this opportunity to highlight the importance of development of career management skills for citizens in different countries and the validation of formal, informal and non-formal learning related to the CH-Q System. We also developed a kind of dissemination strategy of CH-Q System to various target groups of stakeholders. For this reason we have translated and adapted various materials about CH-Q System of Managing Competencies.